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Lori, Pacino, Loreal & Paris San Miguel November 21, 2005
We just wanted to wish you and your entire family a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Sorry to hear that you were not feeling very well, but you are a true CHAMP!!! We are glad to hear that you are at home where you belong ~ and that you will be eating turkey with your mommy,daddy & beautiful big sissie Alexa!!! You stay strong Lil Ms. Avery!!! There are LOTS of us praying for you, your family, and the staff @ the hospital! EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE GREAT! Because everything is in God's hands, and you are one of his most precious angels!
Uncle Herman and Aunt Sherrie November 20, 2005
Avery - cannot get over how much you have grown. It was good to see you and the rest of your family earlier this month (even though it was a sad occasion). You have a lot of support and prayers from friends and family. We will continue to keep your entire family in our prayers. Tell Mommy to be sure and let us know as soon as she knows the date of your surgery because we plan on being there!! Here's a big hug from us both....
Kristen November 17, 2005
Thank you for sending me a link to your daughter's pages in your email. What a beautiful family you have! I don't know a lot about kidney's but I'm happy to answer any questions for you about our transplant process :)
Rema November 09, 2005
Avery, because of you I now believe that miracles can really happen. You are a gift from God, and you have touched so many hearts just in the little amount of time you have been here. I love you very much, and you just continue being the little fighter that you are!
Lori, Loreal & Paris November 08, 2005
Hey there!! I am so happy to hear that Avery is doing well!! WOW her surgery is around the corner! You will all be in our prayers, as well as the staff at the hospital - we will pray that everything goes smoothly and that she has a quick recovery!! She is an angel!!! And so is her big sissie Alexa!!! God has blessed you!!! And he has blessed each of us by letting Avery be a litlle ray of sunshine and hope in all our lives!!!
Mommy November 07, 2005
Ohhh my sweet angel. I love you so much. You just discovered your voice and we love to hear you squeal and talk. I love kissing your chubby cheeks. You have gotten so big. I have the best baby in the world. I love you my sweet pea! God has blessed us.
Uncle Rico October 31, 2005
Hello Avery,I just want to say that I was thinking about you. I miss you, and I love you and your beautiful sister. I hope to see you tonight in our annual Fall festival at the north pavillion, for the Christian Tabernacle Church. Its going to be fun your cousins will be there, Ryan, Christian, and Makayla. Anyhow, I want u to be strong take your medicine, and Our lord God will do the rest. I love you...Rico
Chastity Rivera October 23, 2005
Hi, i'm a cousin to Genaro. And my brother Bobby told me about your site. My family and I wanted to give you all of our blessings. I have two little boys, 5 and 2. and we pray every night. We will keep you and your family in our prayers.
Leah Rullier September 20, 2005
Avery, I just met you this past Saturday and was amazed by your beauty and the love that your family and friends have for you. We are family even though not by blood, andI want you to know that you and your precious mommy, daddy & sister are in my prayers.
rorro and jessica September 16, 2005
We just "met" Avery at Val and Angel's and our heartfelt wishes for her wellness go out to her . Love, Us