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gentry June 06, 2006
hi im gentry
Stephanie Anderson June 06, 2006
I am praying for your family. I hope everything turns out well for you and your little one. I hope that things work out with UTMB, but if not I know Texas Children's is a great hospital as well and will take care of her. She sounds like a real blessing.
Crystal-Ann June 06, 2006
Marissa, I have not seen you since High School, but one thins i still remember is your smiling face and how sweet and funny you always were, you daughters are so beautiful and were such a blessing to have been sent from above----Best wishes to your family!
Bryce Raines and Family June 05, 2006
You are always in our prayers. Hope everything is successful.
Josefina SanMiguel June 05, 2006
Hello Little Princess, You are just too cute. Mommy and Daddy are doing a very good job! Keep your heads up high, God Bless and be with you.
Lori, Pacino, Loreal & Paris San Miguel May 03, 2006
Hi there little beauty queen!! We are waiting to see pics of your bday party! We can't believe you are 1 year old already!! You are too precious!!! Thanks for having us at your party!!! We all had fun, especially Loreal and Paris!!!! You are always in our thoughts and prayers baby girl!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo
Aunt TJ May 03, 2006
Hi Avery, it's been a few weeks since your b-day, sorry I couldn't go to your party. Since our b-days are on the same day, I had a surprise planned for that day that was out of my control. I hope your first b-day was a good one. See ya soon.
Selina Calvillo April 15, 2006
hey marissa, your little princess is growing up so fast ! just letting you know babysitting was a blast . avery is such a great baby . you and raul are wonderful parents both of you should win some kind of award for treating your lovely kids the way you do. avery will gain those few pounds soon and all this will be over , but she is lucky to have you & raul as parents.well god bless this montalvo family and may god be with you at all times. -- Selina calvillo
Samantha West April 08, 2006
Marissa, I love the beautiful pictures of your girls. I hope all the best for the hole family and I know your beautiful little miracle is going to be just fine. You all are in my prayers and I hope to here from you about all of ya'lls progress even after we move in October. All the best. Love and God Bless! Samantha West
Jeanene Trochesset and Gentry Lovett March 27, 2006
Hello Avery, I am here on the dialysis unit for a check up and jeanene and I are looking at you new pictures. you have gotten so big and so pretty. we love you good luck with your transplant. Jeanene and Gentry