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Lori, Loreal & Paris San Miguel October 16, 2006
Glad to hear all is well! God is with you all right now and his lil angel Avery will heal in no time!! Your family has tons of love and support from family, friends and even strangers!!! It's too easy to fall in love with your family!!! May GOD continue to bless you all ~ we love you!! xoxoxoxo P.S. Marissa & Raul you two are so amazing!! I (as I am sure many others) look up to you!! Much love and respect!!!
Julie(White) Truman October 15, 2006
i'm so glad to see that everything is going well. i have been thinking about your family all weekend. marissa, you are amazing in how you keep everyone updated! even in stressful times for yourself you still think of others. you have a big heart and it shows. God bless you all.
Debbie Balding October 15, 2006
I have added your precious baby to our prayer chain at Calvary Community Church in Sumner, WA. We are all one family in Christ Jesus. I will add your hero husband as well and you! God never wastes a hurt so your faith is used to encourage others. Bless you and your family as you continue on this journey.
Uncle Herman & Aunt Sherrie October 15, 2006
Thanks for keeping us updated. I know you are having a real rough time right now, but remember "this too will pass". There are many, many thoughts and prayers going out for you. We will try to check on you..your Dad did call us on Friday night to let us know that the surgery went well. Hang in there and remember if there is anything we can do (even though we are out of town) let us know. We're busy spoiling the grandkids! Love, Herman/Sherrie
Jennifer Perrill October 15, 2006
Thank You so much for the updates. I have been thinking about her and Raul and telling everyone to pray for them. Please let me know if you need anything.
kristen (laubacher) parks October 14, 2006
wanted you to know how much i appreciate the updates you so diligently place on this website. it helps so much in knowing how to pray to Our Mighty Healer!! Praise Him that Raul is doing well. Avery's body is in perfect working condition, in the Name Of Jesus!! God is so good... we'll be praying! love, the parks family
Connie Salvatore October 13, 2006
Just wanted to let you know I received an e-mail yesterday about your precious little girl and wonderful husband....(I attend Lakewood Church.) and have been lifting all of you up to the Throne of our Father...Can't wait to hear how everything went...God is in control and aware of all you've gone through....He has a plan and purpose for all of you.....To God be the Glory, Great things He has done, and will continue to do....Blessings, Connie Salvatore
sandra&marcos mercado October 13, 2006
you guys have been in our prayers, hope everything goes well for avery and raul. may god bless you!!! we are class mates of raul
Allison Paduh October 13, 2006
You have a precious little girl who was blessed with a wonderful daddy. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
Cindy Yarborough October 13, 2006
Our Bible study group received a prayer request for Avery and her daddy this morning. Avery's grandfather, Amando works with my husband, Mark Yarborough at Air Liquide. We are praying that The Lord is with Avery and her daddy and getting them on their way to a speedy recovery. We also pray that The Lord be with the surgeons to guide their skillful hands. And we pray that The Lord is with the family for comfort and reassurance. All of this we ask in Jesus Christ's name ~Amen BJ Services Women's Bible Study Group