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lindavids December 30, 2006
Hi Thank you for your site Resp. And Happy New Year. G'night
leah December 28, 2006
hey little was so nice to see you so active on Christmas Eve!! I see your gonna be a handful like your sister..beautiful, smart & sweet!! love Aunt Leah
Boy December 21, 2006
Cheryl Bebee December 16, 2006
You are such a pretty little girl. My grandson that is only 2 months old, may have some kidney problems. Texas Childrens Hospital is taking care of him very well. Take nothing for granted, may God bless.
Patrice December 13, 2006
I'm a fan of Luna's and was looking at the menu to order a party tray. The picture of Avery caught my eye and I had to look. My prayers are with you and your family doing this time. God Bless you all!
Sherri Remington December 06, 2006
I saw one of your donation jars and went to the website. This is so touching. My husband's sister is a heart transplant recipient (when she was 8 months old) and our 2 year old has kidney disease. Your daughter is beautiful and I wish you well.
crista December 04, 2006
i dont believe avery is walking, that is awesome i am so glad she is doing so good
Stephanie Clark November 29, 2006
The picture of Avery's first real bath is such an emotional picture to me for some reason. Maybe because I was looking at pictures of Raegann the other night when she was just weeks old in the same style bathtub and it makes me realize all I have taken for granted in my healthy child. Your family is nothing short of AMAZING and I wish you all nothing but a lifetime of joy and happiness!
Angela November 29, 2006
Everytime I read about your little Avery I get chills and tears come to by eyes weather it is good or bad news. I am so amazed at the mother you are and what a strong person you are. You and you beautiful litlle family are in my prayers always. Love you, Angela
Shannee November 28, 2006
I love updates and new pics! Avery is growing so very fast. She's so precious. Her smile just brightens my heart.