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Keri Campbell May 25, 2005
Avery, little miss Kyla says a prayer for you every night before going to bed! You are a strong little girl and God will take care of you!!!
Paula Hayes May 24, 2005
You and your family are beautiful! My prayers are with you all.
Isha Awwad Abdalla May 24, 2005
I pray for each of you every single night and especially for you Avery!!! Avery, you are a strong and beautiful girl, surrounded by so many people that love and care deeply for you!!! God Bless You All!!! Isha
Melva Vargaz (mom, mammaw) May 24, 2005
Mija, Raul, Alexa, and Baby Avery, my prayers are with all of you, but most of all remember that Diosito is ALWAYS there, he will never leave your side. The Angels are always guarding baby Avery. I am sorry that I am not there to be there for you, but, my prayers and thoughts are always there. I love all of you and I love my babies. I am constantly thinking about baby Avery and Alexa. Oh! also, Rema - God Bless You for being there for my daughter. Love Mom.
Roxanne Contreras May 23, 2005
Avery, I can not wait for you to come home so that I can hold you and spoil you rotten. Marissa and Raul, We are here for you! Stay strong and keep your faith in the man up above. Both of you have shown such strength. All of you are in our daily prayers. Love Roxanne, Danny, Ashley and Daniel
Uncle Herman and Aunt Sherrie May 23, 2005
We are just a phone call away if you need us. Your love for each other and your faith in God will see you through anything.
Barbara and Robert Martin May 23, 2005
Avery is beautiful. She is a special little angel with a wonderful Mother, Daddy and Sister.Our thoughts and prayers are with Avery, Mom, Dad and Alexa.God Bless all of you!
carla and rick swanson May 23, 2005
the website is fabulous! avery and all of you are in our prayers.
isaac enriquez May 23, 2005
you guys are always in my prayers.
Virginia Manlove May 23, 2005
Marissa & Raul, Both of your girls are so beautiful. We will keep your family in our prayers, love, Jason & Virginia