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Amy September 05, 2007
You and your family are in my prayers!!
Josefina Fajardo August 14, 2007
To the parents of AVERY NICOLE i am glad that everything was good with your daughter. As for me i am still little sad because the found that my baby has the same problem as your daughter. The doctors told me that my baby doesnt have any chance to live that he is going to die. I will like to talk to you by phone to hear a little more about your story. So if your interestes to talk your can contact me at (713)303-0637 or (713)926-9052 my name is Josefina Fajardo. I will like to hear from you as soon as possible.
Stephanie Luna August 01, 2007
Hey Miss Avery! We can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!! I enjoyed reading your updates this morning!!
jackie mendoza June 27, 2007
I love your new pics!!you are so cute.I am so glad I got to meet you.
Melissa Pacheco June 20, 2007
Avery im so glad your ok and everything worked out i know how much your family loves you! I wish you the best! Love ya!
jackie mendoza June 05, 2007
avery, you are such an angel,I was so happy to see you in person at my stepdaughters graduation party.I always look at your site on the computer ,since gabriella told me about you.I know god has big plans in mind for you my are a wonderfull little girl!!!!!
Stephanie Clark June 04, 2007
Hello Miss Avery! We sure do miss seeing you! It's been way too long. I'm soo happy to read about all the wonderful progress you have made! You are still the miracle baby!
Milos May 24, 2007
thanks for letting me view your guest book and giving me all the information
Mommy April 28, 2007
I love you so much!! You amaze me every day. I'm so lucky to yours and Lexi's Mommy. You are getting so big and the two years have gone by too fast. I love you and I'm thankful your Daddy's kidney is working great and you both are happy and healthy.
Lisa Barksdale April 06, 2007
Just wanted to let you know that your story touched my heart I am a organ donor and I think everyone should be one because it does save lives there are so many people waiting on organs when there is so many people out there who can save so many lives and touch so many lives with just one simple jesture to help save others lives. Would love for you to keep me informed on how you are doing and would like to have your address so I could send in a money order to get me a t-shirt and one of your bracelets to show my support. With lots of love and concern for you. Lisa