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maribelgranado December 20, 2007
hey averynicole how have you been I em doing ok I hope you get better soon and I hope that your mom doing ok take care of your self and have a save chrismas and happy newyear by maribel granado we are praying for you ok
Elaine December 14, 2007
Even though I don't know you Avery, I just want you to know you touched my heart! There was and still iare so many people praying for you! The Rueda Family
zara gabriel November 21, 2007
Hello Avery i have looked at your website a lot over the last few weeks. i have a little girl called Eleanor who is 6 years old she had a kidney removed at 6 weeks of age as she has multicystic kidney disease. she is doing well and as yet has had no problems with her other kidney. you are a very brave and special little girl Avery and i can see everyone is very proud of you. all our love the gabriel family
Christine November 15, 2007
what amazing girls you both have avery is a fighter. i wish you all the luck in the world keep fighting. christine and family
Uncle Herman and Aunt Sherrie November 09, 2007
Marissa, Raul, Alexa, and Avery- we have been thinking about you a lot lately. We hope that your relocation and new doctors will be the answer to your prayers. Love to you all!
CINDY October 30, 2007
Celeste October 19, 2007
Hi Avery! My mommy (AliciaEnrique)said you were sick and I asked God to make you better faster. My mommy said that you are at the same doctor ( she means hospital) as me. I was there too for a long time because I can't breathe gooder. I like the room with the see-saw, it's fun! I want to play with you but my mommy said she does not know if I can see you or not. She said we can go to the store and buy you and me some new pajamas. They let you were your own at that doctor, not like the other one ( she means Tx. Children's). If you want toys or colors tell my mom and you can have mine, I have a lot. I am sorry you don't feel good and I hope you don't have to get any shots. They always do it to me and I cry. My mommy said I have to go to go to sleep now. We are going to pray to God for you and ask him to send special Angels to make you better. Marissa Celeste woke up while I was looking at Avery's page and I had explained to her what was going on with Avery. She asked if she could write a letter. I will call you tomorrow to check in with ya. Our prayers are wth you and your family.
Jazmine October 06, 2007
Hi my name is Jazmine I live in Los angeles CA, and just today i started reading about baby Avery by the way her name is very beautiful. I also have a daughter with a multi-cycstic kidney, and is also in her right kidney I found out about her problem when I was about 5-6 months pregnant by an ultasound. It was going to be my first real ultrasound well actually my secound because i had one made when I was Ithink 2-3 months pregnant because when they were doing the sound ultrasound to here the baby heart's beat they could never here it and my husband and I were worried something may not be right that since when I was pregnant I have always felt something was'nt right since the begging she is my first daughter I dont remember mentoning her name her name is Iris she almost the same age as youre littla girl my daugther was born on december 23,2005 they had my labor induced by weeks I belive by 3 weeks due to her kidney worstining and got scared because I had to go to the doctor every month with a If I'm not mistaken to a theird degree ultrasoud and been analyzed and seen her condition worsten every two weeks. After beign born they did an ultrasound on her and found cysts on her right kidney and left kidney luckily working well. A month later they refered her to a Specialist and requested Iris to have a renal-ultrasound and finally knowing how much her kidney is damaged. Her right kidney works at the 7 % which is nothing and the let kidney working at the 94% which is very good, THANK GOD!!!.And Iris just has to go the doctor twice in a month. Well I wish you the best of luck with youre little I will also pray for you're little girl and ask everybody in my familiy that pray for my little girl to pray for you're little one their is always hope especially youre little girl coming this far. You'll see you're beautiful girl getting better. I'm sorry I cant keep on writing but it is late it is 9:11 here in los Angeles and my daughter is getting cranky hopefully I can right again to youre little girl I have alot more to talk to you about. If you are interested in keeping in touch PLEASE right back but I am going to Mexico that is another long story by the way I am 20 years old and is a Mexican-American I was born here and my parents are mexicans. I dont have a E- mail adress but I will give you my mothers. I already talked to her and told me to feel free to right back she will print it out for me to read and respond. Hopefully we could write to each other by letters if I stay their in Mexico not to long I will return. Sincerly Jazmine
Shay, McKenzie and Lily (and Fuego, but he's a stinky boy!) October 06, 2007
I pray for you every day Avery! I know it's not much fun to be away from home because I've had to be in the hospital too. But you are a very special little girl and if there's anything you want, you just tell your mommy to tell me. I LOVE to shop! When you feel better, you can go with me! That's something to look forward to! Sweet dreams!
tisha garcia October 06, 2007
Hello, Avery I was thinking about you so I thought I would check up on you! I am sorry to hear that you are back in the hospital. I wish you a speedy recovery ! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! Lots of Hugs and Kisses.............