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Mommy May 20, 2008
I Love You !!!!!!
Andrea Wiest April 28, 2008
Hello....Wow!! You have been through alot. Your family is in our prayers. I just got back from getting my 2 yr old sons renal ultrasound for his multicystic kidney. It's his right as well. Although his left makes up for his right. I am now calling myself lucky. Icant imagine what you are going through. Stay strong and believe. There is hope for Avery
Melissa Pacheco April 22, 2008
Avery You are always in my heart and prayers i love ya Avery!!!
Aunt Sherrie & Uncle Herman April 15, 2008
Just a short note to say hello! So thankful Avery is doing so good. Tell everyone hi for us and hope to see you soon.
Nikolet March 18, 2008
Nice site!
Ivonne February 22, 2008
Marissa I have a grandson. He is 3 months and have Avery's condition. Every day I pray for him, but now I will include Avery too.
Christy February 11, 2008
Marissa, you are such a STRONG mother & wife! You have done an amazing job with this website!! I LOVE all the photos of your beautiful baby girl Avery (she is precious) and Alexa (she is adorable)!! You are all in my prayers!! Much love ... Christy!
Mommy February 07, 2008
I love you
Christy Goss February 05, 2008
Avery and family, You are all so brave. I am honored to have met you, Avery, and your parents. I know how it feels to have a daughter going through the ups and downs of a kidney transplant but I can't imagine how strong you both were from the very beginning. I strongly believe God lets our children be so strong to be able to handle the kidney transplant and all the medications after so that they can go on to help others. I know Avery will always be a strong and beautiful girl! I will keep in touch.
Jackie Knox January 21, 2008
Oh you sweet baby girl, I am praying for you and your wonderful mommy. I hope we hear some good news soon. Much love to all of you