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Emily Louviere April 09, 2010
I will continue to pray for your family
Jeanette September 13, 2009
My grandson was born 9-1-09 with multicystic dysplastic kidney disease also he has 1 kidney non functional and the remaining kidney with low function. We are praying without ceasing. Reading this website is so encouraging.
TJ Saunders September 02, 2009
That is so funny! Love the toothpaste idea Avery! And no, you can't be mad at her, she tried to fix it. Just love those kids!
crystal April 09, 2009
Avery is a lucky little girl. My daughter that is now 10 has multicystic dysplastic kidney disease,also. I had a son that passed from polycystic kidney disease, when he was 12 hr old. I am always looking for any new info on this disease and I also have some to if you every want to chat about something i will try and be some help. Thnk you and god bless you and your family.
Sarah March 11, 2009
Hello! My Daughter Alexandra has multicystic kidney also. She didn`t have as many issues as you had. Im glad to see you are doing well! My daughter is now 5.
Krystal Thornbrue March 07, 2009
My daughter, Keylie, was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease when she was 9 months old. She is 2 years old now and doing great. God has worked many miracles in her short lifetime. He loves our sweet babies so much. May God bless your family. Be strong and I will remember avery in my prayers.
Lynzey Jett January 25, 2009
Hello Avery! You are getting so BIG! You are BEAUTIFUL! I hope you have a good 3rd birthday! Miss You! Lynzey
Tammy September 15, 2008
Avery, you hang in there. I have a little girl named Rhiannon that is ten months old who was born with a multicystic right kidney and a left kidney that was blocked at the urater. She went into kidney failure at five weeks but we were blessed to have wonderful doctors at Children's Mercy in Kansas City who were able to remove the blockage on the left side before it did much damage. Rhiannon has made a full recovery and is doing great with her one kidney but I just hope and pray that it will continue to take care of her until she is a very old woman. She is my angle and she has brought my family so much happiness just as you have touched the hearts of so many people. God has a big plan for you little girl. You teach those around you the value of each day that we are able to hold those that we love. My prayers are with you and your wonderful family.
Miss Debra from UTMB August 21, 2008
Avery, I cannot believe how big you are getting. And more beautiful by the day. Tell Dr. Azam that Debra says "hello" next time you see her. I love all the pictures on your website. Love, Miss Debra
Uncle Herman & Aunt Sherrie June 25, 2008
Marissa - Once again I cannot get over how much the girls are growing! They are so precious...give them a BIG hug and kiss for us.