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Marisol Rivera July 09, 2005
God Bless your family! I will keep you in my prayers!
Ernest "chivo" & Dawn July 08, 2005
Raul and Marissa- We're happy to hear that Avery is getting better, it's such good news. We love the pictures, she looks so cute eating out of a bottle. I'll get in touch with you guys later on in the week. Dawn and I want to get some bracelets, and I also have some people from work that want to get some also. Take care, Dawn & Ernest
Annette Risinger July 08, 2005
Pictures are beautiful. Have called you,but I have not heard from you. I know you are busy with Avery and her sister. They need your love and support. My though & prayers are with you each and every day. My best to you and your family. Give each of the girls a big hug & kiss. Take care. Love, Annette
Esmy Alarcon Dallas Tx. July 08, 2005
I work at the same hosptial as your mom Melva. When she told me about your precious angel, my heart went out to your family. I just want to encourage you that there is nothing to hard for God. Melva and I prayed together and came into agreement that Jesus would bring complete healing to Avery. I will continue to enter into prayer for your little one and the rest of your family. May His strength empower you in your time of weakness... A prayer partner in Dallas...esmy :)
Sarah Cunningham July 08, 2005
Your are such a beautiful sweet baby girl. Can't wait to see you!
Katherine Gray July 07, 2005
Avery and her Family have been in our prayers since she came to UTMB. Jeanene asked us to pray for her. Jeanene is my daughter. God Bless You All
Uncle Noe July 06, 2005
Hey Avery, I wish you the best,always. Stay healthy and be strong. We all love you, and Jasmine can't wait to play with you and Alexa together. You are sweet and beautiful. Stay strong guys, we are here for you. - Noe & Karen
Michael Hinojosa July 06, 2005
I hope Avery grows stronger everyday you two. If you need anything just give me a call, and I'll be there for you. Take care and may God bless. Michael
TJ Escobar July 06, 2005
Hi Avery, I'm your aunt TJ. Even though I can't come to visit you as much as I'd like to your mom is keeping me updated on your health status. I look at your website alot! I show all of my friends too. I can't wait for you to be better. I just want you to know that we will try to raise as much money as we can to get you better. Love TJ
joe and mary gonzalez July 06, 2005
raul-marissa and family, we will keep you in our prayers.our best hope is to be thankful. take care