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Aunt Karen March 08, 2006
You're crawling already?! That's so quick baby girl! I can't wait to see you get around all by yourself.
uncle noe February 10, 2006
hey avery, just wanted to say i love you and alexa. can't wait till aunt karen, jasmine, and i will be able to watch you over the weekend.
Lori, Loreal & Paris San Miguel January 27, 2006
Oh my Avery how beautiful you are growing so fast! We just want to let you know that we think of you all the time and you are always in our prayers!!! The new pics are too precious!!! Hugs & Kisses baby girl!!!!
selina calvillo (angie'sdaughter) January 27, 2006
thank god she is gaining weight. Im at school and my teacher says bless her little heart.she has all my friends blessings.
Rema December 19, 2005
You are growing so fast Avery! You are a beautiful blessing. I love you!
David & Marisol Moore December 12, 2005
Wow, what a beautiful girl. You are right, what a blessing. Congratulations and hope to see you in church sometime. Take care and may the Lord continue to lead you <><
Alan, Stacie, and Ryan November 27, 2005
Prayers, Hugs, and Kisses!!!
Leah November 21, 2005
I will keep you in my prayers Sweet Avery, you and your precious family. I hope to see you soon. God Bless!!
Lori, Pacino, Loreal & Paris San Miguel November 21, 2005
We just wanted to wish you and your entire family a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Sorry to hear that you were not feeling very well, but you are a true CHAMP!!! We are glad to hear that you are at home where you belong ~ and that you will be eating turkey with your mommy,daddy & beautiful big sissie Alexa!!! You stay strong Lil Ms. Avery!!! There are LOTS of us praying for you, your family, and the staff @ the hospital! EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE GREAT! Because everything is in God's hands, and you are one of his most precious angels!
Uncle Herman and Aunt Sherrie November 20, 2005
Avery - cannot get over how much you have grown. It was good to see you and the rest of your family earlier this month (even though it was a sad occasion). You have a lot of support and prayers from friends and family. We will continue to keep your entire family in our prayers. Tell Mommy to be sure and let us know as soon as she knows the date of your surgery because we plan on being there!! Here's a big hug from us both....