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Carlos Wong 2006-10-09 16:46:16.0
I hope that everything go fine.
Lisa Lance 2006-09-18 08:51:29.0
You have beaufitul children and I will be praying for you! God bless you!
Manuel Rodriguez III and Family 2006-09-14 19:11:30.0
Raul & Marissa yours smiles and courage is an inspiration to us. You are blessed with two very beautiful girls. We will keep you and your family in our daily prayers. May God Bless You Always
Carla Pronio 2006-09-14 10:10:23.0
Raul & Marissa, Just a note to say CONGRATS!!!! for the beautiful gift from God. It is so wonderful that Avery will always and forever apart of her Daddy!! I will have you in my prayers and I know things will end up good. Hope all is well otherwise God Bless You!!! Love, Carla
Robert Smith 2006-09-12 16:32:49.0
God bless You.
Diana, Monica & Celeste 2006-09-12 08:26:36.0
We will be praying for Raul and Avery. I can't wait until you get better so you and Monica can play together.
Renee, Elias and Joseph 2006-09-12 07:23:14.0
I was so happy to hear the news about the transplant! She is on her way to better health!! Your family has been praying non stop for this day, and we will continue to pray and support you all!! We love you.
Angelica Cortez 2006-09-11 16:53:11.0
I am a little late in news, but glad to hear about the kidney transplant. We will keep Avery, her daddy and the doctors in our prayers. Avery is so precious... May God Bless your family.
Tia Yolanda & Tio Chico 2006-09-10 18:56:59.0
May all the blessings of God be with you little angel. I'm praying to the Virgen of San Juan to watch over Raul and Avery. Our prayers will always continue. God Bless the whole family.
Dora Betancourt 2006-09-09 18:32:30.0
You know that I am going to be there. I will be praying for the whole family. God is so big & I know he will be watching over Raul & Avery.God bless my little angel.