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Renee, Elias and Joseph July 06, 2005
Alexa and baby Avery; you girls are so lucky to have mommy and daddy. Alexa, you're such a big girl and a great sister! Keep up the good work! Always look out for your baby sister; you are her keeper. Baby Avery; your so precious, stay strong and keep fighting! You take up after your mommy! We love you both!!
Renee, Elias and Joseph July 06, 2005
Sissy, you and Raul are doing such a great job. You both stood strong; and were very determined to bring your baby girl home and take the best care for her and you have succeeded!! I am sure it has been difficult for all four of you; but please know that we are your family and we love you very much. We are all here for you no matter what!! Don't hessitate to call any of us. You are in our hearts and prayers.....
Bennie Roth July 06, 2005
Marissa and Raul, God has blessed you with two beautiful girls. My wish for Avery has already come true, in that she has two wonderful parents, and a big sister in Alexa. May you all be comforted in God's love. Bennie
Robby, Jessica, Elijah and Jacob Ochoa June 30, 2005
we will keep little Avery in our prayers. Be strong and know that Heavenly Father loves you. Remember to put things in His hands and he will guide you.
Lori, Pacino, Loreal & Paris San Miguel June 29, 2005
Your family will be in our prayers. I will forward this email to all of our friends too, so that we can possibly help your family raise more money for Avery's upcoming expenses. We will also help with what we can. Is there an address where we can send a donation? If so email me @ God Bless you and your entire family!
Lupe & Martina Munoz (San Miguel) June 29, 2005
God has blessed you with a baby and we will bless you with our prayers. Your family is beautiful. LOL.........
Marissa June 28, 2005
Our family wants to thank everyone for all of their words of encouragement and support. We are very happy Avery is home with us. We have a long road ahead of us but we have strength and faith.
Jeanene M. Trochesset June 28, 2005
Hey guys( Marrisa,Raul and Alexa), just wanted to let you know how proud we all are of you for doing such a wonderful job with avery. I finally got to really look at the web site. Have a great time this weekend in the valley, and call if you need us. Love Jeanene and the rest of the dialysis nurses
Tommy & Selena Banda June 14, 2005
marissa & raul, your family is in our thoughts and prayers. never give up and things left in gods hands will always turn out for the best. we think about you guys all the time. a big hug and kiss to all of you. take care!
Henry & Dorris Gonzalez June 09, 2005
Marissa, Sometimes its hard to understand why things happen the way they do. Keep in mind God is in control and the life of Avery is in his his good hands! Be assured we are praying for little Avery and the other members of the family. Love you all.