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Reuben (boobie) Ramirez July 18, 2005
You are truely blessed with gifts from heaven, your website has really touched my heart. I wish you the very best with baby Avery and Alexa. Ya'll are in my prayers.
John Thomas "J.T." July 16, 2005
My prayers go out to Avery & the rest of you.I will have my friends & church family praying for you as well!
Erica and Randy July 15, 2005
We just wanted to say that you guys are truly amazing people. We only pray for the best for little Avery and your entire family.
Brandy Greene July 13, 2005
What a personal and touching story! I am a PA at UTMB in adult kidney transplant and had the joy of meeting Avery today with her daddy when they stopped by for a visit to pedi dialysis. How helpful this story would be to new parents in a similar situation.
Ricardo Garcia July 11, 2005
Raul and Marissa Montalvo..just wanted to let you know that I've received your e-mail and to let you know that my prayers are with you guys. Take care and keep in touch
Amando & Miriam Gonzalez July 11, 2005
sandra munoz teng July 10, 2005
keep fighting your courageous batlle you are god's angel avery never give up i will keep you in my prayers sweet angel love sandra @teng family
Aunt Sherrie and Uncle Herman July 10, 2005
Avery - it was such a delight to visit with you and your family in the hospital. Glad you are home now and getting stronger. You have a special Mom, Dad, and Big Sister that will take care of you forever. Our prayers are with you. Hope to see you again soon.
Marisol Rivera July 09, 2005
God Bless your family! I will keep you in my prayers!
Ernest "chivo" & Dawn July 08, 2005
Raul and Marissa- We're happy to hear that Avery is getting better, it's such good news. We love the pictures, she looks so cute eating out of a bottle. I'll get in touch with you guys later on in the week. Dawn and I want to get some bracelets, and I also have some people from work that want to get some also. Take care, Dawn & Ernest