Most of Avery's updates and entries are written by her mother, Marissa.

Our Little Blue Eyed Monster January 28, 2007

Avery is doing great and the kidney is working good.  Raul is back to normal and is enjoying getting back to playing golf when he can.  As a recap, I am always getting asked about how Avery could receive her Daddy's kidney because it is so big.  When the kidney was put inside Avery, she was swollen on the side where the kidney was.  The kidney eventually shrinks down to her size and starts growing normal with her.  So amazing!  Also, Avery’s original non working kidneys were not taken out.  Also asked if Raul feels any different now.  Nope, he says it doesn't feel like anything ever happened besides his scars.  He has 4 one inch scares on different areas of his stomach and then on his lower stomach he has a 5 inch scare (I call it his c-section, because that’s what my scare looks like and we both took life out from there).  Raul does not have to take medication like Avery does.  Avery is on 8 medications now.  She takes them very well and it's very normal for us.  When the medication reminder alarm sounds, she starts running around saying "medi" (she can't fully say medicine). 


Speaking of medications.... Our once sweet angel has now turned into a Medicated Lil Monster.  LOL!!!  She is on steroids, which cause mood swings and rages.  All we can say is, WOW.  She gets very upset with Alexa.  Avery is the bulley and we are constantly pulling Avery off of Alexa.  If she wants something, she'll scream (she's a saprano), pull hair, pinch, hit and take Alexa's glasses off and run with them.   Alexa is very patient with her and just takes the abuse (poor thing).  After we referee, we sit back and just laugh.  We know it's not Avery's fault, I think it's mainly the medication combined with going into the terrible two's.  But we laugh because Avery was so calm and sweet before and now she can be mean.  Don't get me wrong, we do explain to Avery that her actions aren't nice and we tell her "no" all the time but she is still young to fully understand.


Avery isn't always like this.  She just has her moments.  But Avery is very funny and tries to make us laugh.  She copies EVERY thing Alexa does.  She follows her everywhere.  She loves to sing, talk on the phones, FAKE LAUGH and she puts on her little purses and starts saying “bye” and walks around to give a kiss to us.  Alexa taught her to make mad faces, funny faces, sleepy faces, etc.  Raul and his Dad only speak to her in Spanish so she says a lot of words in Spanish.  She is still very good about going to sleep.  She still goes to sleep with a smile and wakes up with a smile. 


We are so blessed Raul was able to give Avery a kidney.  Having our girls is by far the best thing that has ever happened to us and we would never change anything for the world.  We are enjoying every minute of watching them learn and grow.

Happy New Year
This has been a very blessed year for The Montalvo's!  Avery is in good health and so is the rest of our crew!  Thank you for the support, love and prayers.  We are so very lucky to have you all in our lives. 
Our BUSY lil BEE December 17, 2006

Words to describe the Montalvo house...


Wow, I never imagined how busy and active Avery would be.  We are enjoying every minute of watching our daughters play and have fun together.  We are so very blessed to be living a life without nightly dialysis and having Avery healthy. 

Avery is so happy and has no mood swings anymore.  She is taking her medication very well and her new kidney is doing it's job and working beautiful.  She is going to UTMB once every two weeks for blood work and to see her doctor, Dr. Azam.  Avery enjoys watching cartoons, eating, playing with Lexi's barbies and wrestling with her Daddy.  The only time Avery sees her room is to sleep.  She is always playing in her big sisters room.

I went back to work this past week and she stayed with my friend, Shannee, during the week.  This coming week she'll stay with her Grandma & Grandpa Montalvo and the following week her Daddy is off of work.  We've been a little stressed about finding her a baby sitter for January.. I've been praying and will continue the hunt over the next two weeks. 

Merry Christmas and May God bless each of you.  Please know that I pray for all of the wonderful and kind people who have checked on Avery, who read her website, pray for her, etc.  We are so blessed and know that God is listening to all of your continued prayers.  We wouldn't be who we are today without your support.

Much love and xoxo, Marissa

Avery is WALKING November 28, 2006
Avery is doing really good.  She is very happy and full of energy, she keeps us VERY busy.  I thought I would share the delightful news that Miss Avery is officially WALKING!!!  She's been taking several steps for a while.  However, today she has been walking non stop.  She'll fall down but will quickly get back up herself and continue walking.  It's so wonderful!!! 
We are so blessed November 20, 2006

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I realize how very blessed we are. 

Avery is doing very good!!!  She is taking her medication well and her weekly blood work looks great.  She does have a running nose and cough that she's trying to fight off.  It's hard for her but she's not running a fever, which is great.

She is still not walking but is standing by herself, walking along the furniture and taking several steps so I'm sure before long she will be running around.  Since having her transplant, she is on a normal diet and off of formula so we said good bye to her bottles.  She doesn't miss them one bit.  She love to drink out of a sippy cup like her big sister.  She is still eating a lot.  When she wants more food or juice.. she'll say "MO, MO".

She's very happy and is always trying to make us laugh.  She is so sweet and brightens all of our day.  She is very attached and LOVES her Daddy.  If Alexa goes near Raul, Avery will start screaming from across the room and crawl over to them and then pushes Alexa away.  Raul loves it!!!  She's only Mama's girl when Raul isn't around or if she's tired or not feeling good.  If I'm holding her and she sees Raul, she puts her arms out and starts saying DaDa.  If one of us is gone and when we return home, she hears the garage door open and she starts jumping and laughing.  She's such a joy and blessing!!

Some people have asked if Avery is still on Dialysis.... The answer is no.  Since she had her kidney transplant, the new kidney is doing it's job very well.  She is on 9 medications daily and will continue to be on medication for the rest of her life so that her little body doesn't reject the new kidney.

Raul is doing good!!  He will be returning to work next week.

Alexa and I are doing good as well.  I'm suppose to go back to work Dec. 4th if we find a babysitter for Avery.  At this moment, I still do not feel comfortable leaving her and going back to work but I my leave of absence expires, this is very hard for me.  I can't imagine leaving Avery.   

Have a great holiday!!