Most of Avery's updates and entries are written by her mother, Marissa.

July 3, 2006 - The Plan August 05, 2006
Her doctor is thinking about giving her another surgery in 3 weeks after the infection has cleared to put the peritoneal catheter back in.  BUT we have reallyed enjoyed the freedom the past couple of nights of not having Avery on for 12 hours.  We finally feel like a family.  We've stayed up late and enjoyed playing with Avery and Alexa.  We visited some friends tonight and we couldn't have done that before because we would have to be home by 6:00 pm to put her on dialysis.  We would like her to stay on hemo until her transplant.  The transplant surgeon says she big enough and is ready for transplant NOW.  But we have to wait 6-8 weeks to make sure the infection is completely gone and we have to wait for further testing with me.  Please keep us in your prayers.
Thanks to all of my family and friends who drove out to Galveston to see Avery in ICU.  It was a very difficult time for us and you made it so much better just by being there by our side.  I also thank everyone that continued to call and text us to check on Avery's condition and to all of you who have prayed for Avery and our family.  I love you all and  I couldn't be this strong and do all of this without the love and support and prayers we get from everyone.  God Bless You!!!
July 1, 2006 - Hemodialysis August 05, 2006

For now she will not be on peritoneal dialysis every night for 12 hours.  We will have to bring her to UTMB every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for hemodialysis. 

It shouldn't be too bad bringing her Galveston because Raul is off often during the week with his schedule so he can take her a lot.  I have a great job and my supportive company will allow me to bring my lap top up there and I can do work while she is getting her treatments and then return back to work when she is done.  

Friday - June 30, 2006 August 05, 2006

Avery had two more hours of dialysis this morning and she looked amazing and so healthy. 

I'm so happy to say that thanks to God she is home and 100% better.  She is laughing, smiling, talking, playing, etc. all over again.

Thursday - June 29, 2006 August 05, 2006

This afternoon she was back in the O.R. for the 4th time this week.  The other hemo catheter was removed and a new one was inserted. 

The catheter worked this time, thank the Great God above!!!!  Avery was very very swollen and needed her dialysis to remove the fluid.  She had two hours tonight and is still swollen. 

Thursday - June 29, 2006 August 05, 2006

This morning Avery was back in the operating room for her 3rd surgery to insert a Hemodialysis catheter through the main artery in her neck. 

On Hemo she is hooked up to a machine for approximately 2-3 hours at a time for 3 days a week.  Blood is being pulled out of her little body through a machine and filters out the access fluid and wastes and then returns the good clean blood back into her body. 

After her surgery she went up to the Dialysis Unit to have her first treatment of "Hemo".  Well guess what, the catheter did not work because it slipped out of place.