Most of Avery's updates and entries are written by her mother, Marissa.

Good News! November 03, 2006
I truly believe that the power of prayer works. 
We arrived at UTMB this morning for more blood work.  The results came back and the creatinine level in Avery's blood decreased!!!  Her Nephrologist, Dr. Azam, felt the kidney biopsy wasn't necessary.  Thursday morning Avery had her last surgery to remove a port line because the blood clotted inside.  Dr. Azam thinks that her creatinine may have risen due to the anesthesia because the blood was drawn twice yesterday after surgery.  Dr. Azam also feels that one of the anti-rejection medication dose may be a little to high because since Avery is chubby she may not need as much.  We brought Avery home this afternoon and we will take her up there again tomorrow for more blood work and the results will determine if any medication changes are needed or if the kidney biopsy is needed.
Again, thank you for all of the prayers.  Avery is so blessed to have so many kind hearted friends and family praying for her!
With Love,
Creatinine November 02, 2006
Unfortunately, the creatinine level in Avery's blood has elevated and her doctor at UTMB is concerned.  Avery will be admitted into the hospital Friday morning for further testing (a biopsy on her transplanted kidney) to find out if her little body is rejecting the new kidney. 
Please keep Avery and our family in your prayers.  I do believe in the power of prayer!  God can work miracles and this little angel needs one. 
Avery has been home for FIVE days! October 28, 2006

Sorry for the delay but life at the Montalvo house has been very busy since we came home. 

Avery came home on Monday and she is doing great.  She is on 9 medications, some twice daily.  She is handles all of her medication very well.  She doesn't like it but as soon as she sees a syringe she'll pop out her paci and open her mouth (and whine).  The first few days were a little difficult for her but I think she is healing and feeling better.  I will say that she is one moody little baby now (lol).  She'll be laughing, playing, singing and then all of a sudden she's mad, screaming, crying, etc.  She is on a very high dose of steroids so mood swings is a big side effect along with weight gain.  Avery is happy if she is EATING.  All she wants to do is EAT EAT EAT.  We are constantly giving her cereal and fruit.  She looks so chubby and has big puffy cheeks (it's so cute).  The medication is high at the beginning but the further she goes they will keep tapering down so the mood swings and increased appetite will decrease.


Raul is doing well.  He of course is still sore and has minor pain.

Avery is doing great October 19, 2006

Avery is doing very well.  The doctors and surgeons are please and said she is doing a lot better than expected.  She had all of her IVs removed today so she's been able to move around a lot more.   She drinking her bottle fine and when she sees me eating she wants to eat as well.  She is still scared of everyone who walks in the room.  She follows every move they make and if they get close to her crib, she starts crying.  Poor baby is afraid someone is going to come hurt her.  She has gotten use to Lee Ann, Tara and Barbara who are her nurses.  She is still in some pain but it has gotten better.  She has a lot of gas pain so since she is of the IVs, I'll pick her up and lay down with her on my chest and that seems to help her.

My friend, Shannee, brought Raul (and food, brownies, candy lol)  up here today so he can see his baby.  He was able to feed her and hold her.

The doctors are thinking she may go home on Monday!!!  Thanks for keeping us in your prayers! 

Room 6.150 October 17, 2006

Avery is out of PICU and in her own room on the 6th floor of the Children's Hospital (Room 6.150) at UTMB in Galveston.  We have received several emails and phone calls regarding gifts for Avery.  Although it is not neccessary, Avery is allowed to have gifts sent to her room.  She can have balloons, stuffed animals, frames, angels, etc.  The only thing she cannot have are flowers and plants.  Food and snack donations are also appreciated and accepted for her Mommy, (lol).

She is doing well and slowly recovering from her successful transplant.  We appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers.