Most of Avery's updates and entries are written by her mother, Marissa.

Another Night September 05, 2007

Well they were going to let Avery leave the hospital today after her dose of IV antibiotics.  But she got sick in her sleep twice.  She vomited a lot and raised a red flag.  As soon as she vomitted the second time we knew right away that she'd stay another night.  She is back on IV of fluids and antibiotics.  Of course, we'd rather her be here and get better but she is so ready to go home.  I'm praying that she gets better again.

Thanks for your prayers.

Guestbook September 05, 2007
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UTI September 05, 2007

Avery woke up with a massive overload of diarehha.  Poor baby, she was so mad that she was dirty.  Thank goodness I had Barbara here to help me.  She did all the dirty work for us and gave Avery a sponge bath.

They took Avery off the IV fluids so she can get up and walk around.  I took her into the Play Room and she rode the little horse and her favorite Police Car.

Bad news... Avery's urine shows that she has E.Coli growing inside.  She has a very bad urinary tract infection which was causing the spike in fever, shivering and red splotching all over her body.  She will need to continue to be monitored and be treated with antibiotics in her IV.  Since she was having diarehha for the past 2 weeks and her little body is immune surpressed, bacteria must have got in and she was unable to fight it off.

She may be here for another night.  When she leaves, she will be on antibiotics for at least 14 days to help her get rid of this.

Avery is very unhappy today and wants to go home.  She keeps asking me, "go home, PLLLEEAASSEEE"  poor baby.  Raul has been here during the day but is going home at night to be with Alexa.  Avery gets very said when Raul leaves and she misses her sister. 

I'll keep you update.  Keep the prayers coming, we really appreciate it all.  xoxo, Marissa

Day 2 at UTMB September 04, 2007

Avery woke up feeling a little better.  She is sitting up, talking, eating and what she does best COMPLAINING (lol).  She did not have a fever all day.  She still doesn't seem normal but at least she's not sleeping all day and has no fever.

We are still waiting for her urine, blood and stool cultures to come back to see if there is anything growing in them.

Avery is in good spirits for the most part.  She's had 2 very good nurses taking care of her, Barbara and Jennifer.  Barbara has cared for Avery since she was a baby which is so neat because she knows Avery and knows when something isn't right.  Jennifer met Avery right before her transplant and she adores little Avery.  Avery has had several staff visitors who have come by to brighten up her day.  Special thanks to Jeanene, Jeanie, LeAnn, Sara and Tara for stopping by and making Avery smile.

We also want to say thank you to all of our family, friends and co workers who have called, emailed or text to send their well wishes and has said prayers for Avery.

I will post another update when I have any new information.

In the hospital September 03, 2007

Well it's almost been 11 months and she has done so well.  But Avery has been sick for the past 2 weeks.  She has been vomiting and has diarrhea.  I took her to the doctor last week and they said it could be a virus that needs to get out of her system.  But Avery didn't get any better.

Today she woke up with a fever of 101 and she looked really bad.  We called her doctor and they said to bring her into the hospital.  She was admitted into UTMB in Galveston .  She is not looking good at all.  She was given an IV and took it like a champ, she didn't cry when they put it in.  She has slept all day and night.  She only woke up one time and asked for food and her drink.

They still do not know what is wrong.  Her blood work is very messed up but that is because she is dehydrated from the vomiting and diarrhea.  They are running further tests on her blood, urine and stool.  Avery will be in the hospital for 2-3 days for further testing and observation.

They don't think she is rejecting her kidney (Thank God).  Please keep Avery in your prayers!