Most of Avery's updates and entries are written by her mother, Marissa.

Our Denise The Menace September 01, 2009

I'm making it a personal goal to update Avery's website more.  I understand that many loyal followers check her website for updates on her health.  I do apologize for the lack of.  Keeping up with my sweet 1st grader, Alexa, and my firecracker, Avery, is a lot of work but I will make it happen.

As many of you know Avery experienced her first real kidney rejection at the end of July which resulted in a 5 day stay in the hospital and her 16th procedure.  She had a biopsy of her transplanted kidney to confirm it was rejecting.  She is on several medications now to over turn the rejection.  We have weekly doctor visits so i will keep you posted on the outcome.

Avery is the troublemaker of the family.  She is always up to no good and gets into everything.  Since Avery was sick yesterday I let her look at pictures on my laptop. I left to pick Alexa up from dance and she stayed with Raul. Raul leaves the room to get ready for work. When I get home my laptop is covered with toothpaste and a key is broken off. Avery is MIA. When I find her she says "sorry mommy". I asked why there is toothpaste on my computer. She said "because I broke it (the key letter) and I was trying to fix it but it won't stick so I needed more toothpaste". Awww gotta love having kids!!!

WOW.... November 21, 2008

I'm so sorry that I haven't updated her website in so long.  I will work on both her and Alexa's website.

May 22, 2008

The soonest we can get an appointment for an ENT is mid June.  Isn't it an emergency if a child's ear drum ruptures?  Strange.

Avery's blood test came back really good.  The virus is gone again, thank God!!  All of her levels are really good.

I'll update more later.... Avery loves playing games on nickjr.com and noggin.com so she is yelling for me to turn on the computer games.

Guestbook May 20, 2008
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May 20, 2008

Good news is that the virus was gone and she was doing well.  Then it came up but the level is low.   We are waiting for the recent blood tests results.

We noticed that Avery was starting to get pink eye this week.  She was a little congested but not that much.  This morning when she woke up Raul said she stuck her finger in her ear and he could hear something squishy.  He looked inside and white pus was coming out.  He took her to her peditrician and we found out her ear drum busted inside.  They said that there must have been a lot of pressure for it to bust.  They expect her to be in a lot of pain but she is acting sick but not in pain.  We have to take her to an ENT for futher evaluation.  Never heard of this so we will see what the next step is for her ear.

Avery is very talkative and is attached to her Daddy when he's not working.  When he's not here, she's Mommy's baby and my best friend.  The minute Raul walks in the door she's with him.  It's cute and Raul loves it.  Avery knows a lot of her colors and sings along with the ABC's.  She is still mean to Alexa and loves her big sister.  Last night, Alexa told her to stop standing on the chair because she was going to fall and Avery looked over at her and said, "you aren't the boss of me, dude"!!!  Classic.  Never a dull moment!

Thanks for your continue prayers and love for our little Avery.