Most of Avery's updates and entries are written by her mother, Marissa.

Surgery.... January 23, 2011
My sweet Avery is having surgery tomorrow at Children's Memorial Hermann. I'm really nervous but I know she's in good hands. Surgery begins at 9:00 and it's scheduled for 8 hours.
No surgery January 17, 2011
Just talked to surgeon.... surgery has to be rescheduled :( A kidney came in for another child so they have to do an emergency transplant. We will find out new date tomorrow. (happy for the child who will have a new kidney!)
Pre Surgery Party... January 17, 2011
We had such an awesome night with 30 of our family and friends who love and support Avery!! She had a blast at Chuck E Cheeses.....
Kidney Failure January 14, 2011
Avery's transplanted kidney has failed and needs to be removed.  Avery's surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan 18th early in the morning. She is having her transplant kidney removed, insert Peritoneal catheter and Hemo catheter so she can start dialysis for a year until she's ready to be on the donor list for another kidney transplant.

Her surgery will take 6-8 hours and she will be in the hospital for 2 weeks...

Raul and I are heartbroken about Avery losing her kidney and starting dialysis over again.
Adjusting... January 09, 2011
Glad my girls are home with me!!! Miss them too much when they are gone for the weekend with Raul. The girls are adjusting as wells as they can.  Avery is having a hard time because she's young and doesn't understand.  This too shall pass....