Most of Avery's updates and entries are written by her mother, Marissa.

Saturday - Poor Thing.. June 24, 2006
Last night wasn't a good night, she didn't sleep very much.  Her dialysis machine kept alarming every hour so I was up bypassing the alarms and confronting Avery.  This is just not normal to me.  She didn't act this way after her last hernia surgery.  The poor thing can't even move at all. 
Friday - Not a good day June 23, 2006
Avery is still very uncomfortable and seems to be in  a lot of pain.  She really is not sleeping because she hurts so bad.  She doesn't move, she lays there and crys and moans.  We started dialysis tonight and she is in so much pain.  It hurts her so her belly must be still too tender from the surgery.  The doctors did call her in some Tylneol with Codine but even that doesn't seem to be working.
My Kidneys June 22, 2006
Well I had an ultrasound done on my kidneys.  The bad news is that I may have a slight possibility of having kidney stones on BOTH of my kidneys.  I will have to do a CT scan, more urine tests and a kidney stone culture test (I'm sure there is more tests but I can't think of all of them right now).  The good news is that if I do not pass Raul will start the evaluation and I pray that he will be a match.  The best news is that the Transplant Surgeon said that Miss Avery is big enough to have one of my kidneys.  So please please please pray that the kidney stone tests are negative.
Avery's surgery June 22, 2006

Before the surgery Avery was very fussy because she couldn't have a bottle.  They gave her some medication to calm her down.  It was the funniest thing, she was all of a sudden so happy and kept making herself laugh.  She would start waving and wouldn't stop.  She would put her hand in front of her face and look at her fingers move and then would put her hands over her face and laugh.  We met a little boy in the O.R. holding area.  His name was Billy and he was severely burnt from playing with fire.  Avery of course loved him and played with her.  Billy's mom was happy that Avery wasn't afraid of the burn scars on his face.  They were very sweet, I will add his website link as soon as I get it.

Avery's surgery was good, she is some pain but mainly seems uncomfortable.  We are sure she will fill better tomorrow.

ANOTHER Surgery for Avery June 18, 2006

As I've mentioned before Avery's catheter exit site got infected.  Avery has outgrown her catheter that was put in from the very beginning.  The catheter that was used was the smallest they made.  Her skin is so thin on top from her skin stretching over it that it has caused a hole on top and it's getting infected.  They will remove the old catheter and close her incision that is on her chest.  Since Avery was so small the only place it fit was on her chest.  The normal position for the catheter is on side of the abdomen, which is where the new catheter will be surgically inserted.  The surgeon who is performing the surgery is the one who originally put the first one in and the one who would do the kidney transplant if we have it at UTMB.  She is very nice and explains everything very well.  We go in on Monday for a pre-op visit and then Tuesday is her surgery bright and early.  This is a day surgery so we should come home that afternoon if there are no complications.  Please keep Avery, the surgeon, nurses, techs, etc. in your prayers all day.


Also, while Avery is in surgery the transplant surgeon has asked if I can go up to a different floor and do an ultrasound on my left kidney so they can see the size.  This will give them a better idea of how much bigger Avery will need to grow in order for one of my kidneys to fit inside of her.