NKF Kidney Walk
Kidney Walk

We are so passionate about supporting and participating in the National Kidney Foundation “Kidney Walk” on September 17, 2006.  The goal of the “Kidney Walk” is to promote organ donation and educate the community about kidney disease while raising much needed funds to help improve the lives of kidney patients in Southeast Texas.

TEAM: gotkidneys? Kidney Walk

Sadly, tests revealed that I couldn’t donate ones of my kidneys.  However, we recently found out that my husband, Raul, can donate one of his kidneys.  What an amazing blessing that she will have one of her Daddy’s kidneys and it would be even more amazing if kidney disease was preventable or curable!

Please HELP us make a difference by SUPPORTING us with a DONATION as we walk in the annual “Kidney Walk”. 

We appreciate any amount you are willing and able to donate.  Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure.  Proceeds go directly to fund the National Kidney Foundation.

TEAM: gotkidneys? Kidney Walk

Also, I need some company and would love for all of Avery’s family, friends and supporters to walk with us in honor of Avery Nicole!  

Register Online at www.kidneywalk.org so that you can join our walk.  We will be wearing our “got kidneys?” shirts.  If you would like to purchase a discounted shirt ($5, normally $15) for this walk, please email me at mm22@sbcglobal.net.

Many thanks for your continued support!

TEAM: gotkidneys? Kidney Walk