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Avery's Angels are raising money to help cover the costs associated with her kidney transplant.  Since the kidney transplant, Avery and her family still have financial obligations and will for the rest of Avery's life with medication daily, frequent blood tests, kidney evaluations and more.

Prayers have been answered and her father was the perfect match to donate one of his kidneys to Avery!

100% of profits from fundraisers will go into Avery's Kidney Transplant Fund. 

BBQ & Auction Benefit

Thank you for coming out to Avery's Benefit.  Thanks to every single one of our 100+ volunteers and corporate sponsers none of this would have been possible without you! 

We had an amazing turn out.  We are very blessed to have so many supporters for our baby.  We estimated that we would sell 350 plates and as you know we ran out of food several times and ended up selling approximately 750 plates. 

 We are still getting in more donations little by little but as many of you want to know here is an estimate for how much money was raised at Avery's Benefit and Auction....

With online donations, live auction, silent auction, t-shirt sells, bracelets, bbq plates, bake sale, childrens butterfly table, jail house, banner signatures, large corporate donations and more we raised over $26,000.

Thank you !  Thank you !  Thank you !

Check out the pictures and also, check out the Golf Tournment page to find out the success from that benefit given by Tim and Stephanie Luna.

Golf Tournament


2 Man Scramble


Southwyck Golf Course, Pearland, TX
Monday, July 10, 2006
Thanks to Tim and Stephanie Luna, the 98 players who golfed, corporate hole sponsers, Pearland Buffalo Wild Wings (for providing FREE wings for the golfers), Southwyck Golf Course, and all of the many golf courses and golf stores who donated items for the raffles, door prizes and awards.
Tim and Stephanie are wonderful friends of our family.  They worked VERY hard and many long hours organizing this for Avery. 
$10,000 was raised !!!
Organ Donation Reminder Bracelets

We have green reminder bracelets.  They look like the yellow Lance Armstrong "LiveStrong" bracelets that you've seen around.  One side says "DONATE LIFE" and the other side says it in Spanish "DONE VIDA".  We are selling them for $5 each.

The awesome thing about these bracelets is not only are we raising money for Avery's transplant fund, we are also helping raise organ donation awareness.

Avery's mom, Marissa, will be donating one of her kidneys to Avery.  Let's support them in this life saving decision!


Donation Canisters

If there is a gas station, restaurant or business that you go to frequently or is in your neighborhood, ask them if you can place a canister near their cash register.  I have labeled the bottom and put our phone number so we can keep track of them.  It has been suggested that we should empty canisters twice a week.  Money can be deposited into Avery's Account at Shell Federal Credit Union or you can mail a money order or check payable to Avery and we will deposit it. 

Contact Marissa at 713-444-4768 if you would like to place and maintain a canister for Avery.