Most of Avery's updates and entries are written by her mother, Marissa.

Overdue June 08, 2016

An overdue update is coming soon for Avery's website.  I keep everyone updated on my personal Facebook.  However, I know there are strangers who are interested in Avery's journey.  Please bare with me as I prepare updates and post pictures. 

Much love,

B/P April 27, 2011
B/P is getting better.... it's back down to 110-120 which is great from where she was!
Changes... April 27, 2011
So much has changed since I've last posted.  Thank you for your love and support.
Check Up Chaos... April 20, 2011
Well things aren't going so well with Avery.  Her dialysis treatments are going good but her blood pressure is so high.  She's on 3 blood pressure medications and it's not helping.  Her B/P is at times over 150.  It's should be under 100.  At 120 it's consider stroke level.  She's also intaking too much sodium.  Another thing is her phosphours level is 8.1 which it should be under 5.  We are following the guidelines but it becomes difficult when Avery is going in between mine and Raul's house.  Avery's health is the most important thing so Raul and I have to work on this together.... praying!
19th Surgery April 14, 2011
Saying a prayer for my Avery. She's having another little surgery this morning to remove Hemo Dialysis catheter.