Most of Avery's updates and entries are written by her mother, Marissa.

Dialysis Stress.... 2011-03-20 12:23:30.0
What a stressful night. Avery's dialysis machine kept giving errors & alarms. I had to leave to get all new supplies & start the set up over again. I miss her working, healthy, functioning kidney. Things can be so complicated & stressful at times. Enough of my whinning..... count my blessings..... at least I'm blessed to have a machine that keeps her alive and does what her kidneys can't do.  Praying....
First Night.... 2011-03-11 12:21:48.0
Rocky start on our 1st night of home dialysis but I figured it out. Pressure!!!!  I messed up and all of a sudden forgot something. I had to call Raul in the middle of the night like 3 times.  I had to start all over.  I was so mad at myself. 
Nerves... 2011-03-09 12:18:05.0
Mixed with all kinds of emotions this evening.... ready for the weekend but not sure I'm ready for Avery to be on dialysis every night. We will be pretty much be on house arrest. And then to do this all by myself.... this is very stressful.  When Avery was on dialysis before, I had her Dad's help.  I realize all that Raul did and how much he was hands on and played an active role when she was a baby.  This is a new chapter in our life and a huge adjustment.  I know I can do it but just the thought of doing it alone scares me. 

She starts peritoneal dialysis on Friday and will be hooked up to her dialysis machine every night at home for 8-10 hours. Praying for peace and encouragement...
Training Week... 2011-03-07 12:12:25.0
Raul and I are training all week so that we can begin Peritoneal Dialysis at home.  My Dad has joined us as my back up support in case I need his help.  This will be a long week!
Still adjusting... 2011-02-26 12:10:17.0
This has been a challenging year for us girls!!!! We've had to overcome a lot but we are getting stronger. I'm having a hard time being without the girls when they are with their Dad.... but they do miss him and look forward to their time with him.

Soooo proud of my sweet Lex. She played in her first softball game today. She got a hit and her team WON, 8-7!! She's so happy.... Good job Crushers!!! Proud Mommy moment!!!